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Not sure why I have comma's with the pricing, but yes we are American!
Black Box Cinema - Bob Cassidy  $19,99
Bob Cassidy gives a crash course in Mentalism Techniques.
Melvin's Balloon Kit  $29,99
Melvin has created a GREAT beginner balloon making kit that will teach you step by step how to create amazing animals.
25 ft. Mouth Coils - Cresey  $12,99
Produce 25 feet of multi colored paper. This is a real attention getter!
Purple Bicycle Deck  $12.99
Now: $11,99
This is a unique pack of cards with a purple finish made by Bicycle.
Dime and Penny  $9.99
Now: $9,39
There are many different creative ways to do this trick. Place a dime and a penny in someone's hand, have them make a fist, and then magically make one of the coins disappear and reappear somewhere else.
Triumph Deck with DVD - Bicycle  $19.99
Now: $16,99
The Magician fans out a deck of cards, some are face up and some are face down. A spectator or two choose face up cards, flips them over and places them face down in the deck. After a few quick shuffles the magician reveals that the spectators cards are face up!
Rope Tricks Untangled  $49.99
Now: $39,99
New Lower Price for 2012 on the Rope Kit
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